At Pal Hydraulics, we lay highest emphasis on the quality of our products, for we understand that the customers are very intelligent and want complete value-for-money. Today, quick delivery, attentive after sales service & uncompromising quality are the main factors in winning customers, any where in the world. Thus, we ensure that all our machines offer high degree of reliability & performance, even under extremely critical conditions.

We have never compromised on service and quality. We have successfully achieved a high level of customer appreciation, resulting in long-lasting relations. Quality is the life support of our business and the fundamental responsibility of all our employees and management.

Meaning of 'Quality' at Pal Hydraulics

"When one considers that any Pal Hydraulics Product / Equipment works perfectly for more than 20 years without breaking down, then there is no need to mention anything more about Quality of Pal Hydraulics Products.

We are a group of Quality conscious technocrats & strictly believe in following eight dimensions of Quality

  • Performance
  • Features
  • Reliability
  • Conformance to the requirement of the application.
  • Durability
  • Serviceability
  • Aesthetics
  • Perceived Quality

Quality Control Measures

For us, quality is the end result of effective planning, concerted efforts and determined execution. Hence, to guarantee the quality of products, we subject each of our products to stringent quality control measures. Each product goes through strict inspection and quality tests periodically, right from the time of selection of materials & components till the final assembly of the machines. We have an enviable track record of order delivery, with zero defects.

"Quality is an absolute" A product either conforms to its requirements or it doesn't. If it conforms, its quality. If it does not, it's something else. Consider the field goal kicker in football. The Quality requirement is to kick the ball over the crossbar, between the goal posts. If the boll sails anywhere between the posts & over the bar, points are awarded. That is Quality. If the ball goes anywhere else in the entire universe, it's something else. It is not quality & it does not matter how close it was. Quality is an absolute.

"The Boss is Responsible for Quality" That means the boss must set the performance standard & provide the where withal to produce a Quality product. If the product doesn't meet the Quality requirements, it's the boss's fault. While the responsibility for quality can be shared, the boss's share never gets smaller. The responsibility for quality cannot be given to the quality department, quality circles, or any other person. The product looks like the management.

"People perform to the standards set or accepted by the managers". "The product looks like the management". It means employees want to know what is expected of them. They spend a good bit of time wondering what their leader / managers wants. If the leader does not make performance standards clear, people will perform to a standard they think their leader wants.

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